Message from the President
Message from the Chairman


We live in a world of rapid technological development, connection among us has become increasingly important. Poly Theater has always been committed to the belief that participation into public arts can help push on the boundaries of everyday life and bring people closer through connection and interaction. As the leading theatre management company in China, we are pround to present a wide variety of performances for people in different cities across the country over the past 16 years. We hope our efforts could inspire people to embrace diversity, inclusiveness, innovative ideas and our tradition in an enlightened way.


Poly Theater, founded in 2003, helped to enrich the cultural experiences for Chinese people in different regions and of different ethnic groups. We are currently managing 68 theatres nationwide across 58 cities, with over 125 performance venues and 130,000 seats under operation. In 2019, over 11,000 performances have been staged in our theatres, which saw an overall attendance of 11 million audiences. The total number of performances account for over 10 percent of the annual performances presented in China's theatres and more than 3,500 of them are international programs.


Our performance seasons vary with local culture, audience preference, and the level of regional economic development. We aim to meet people’s need for cultural life, and cultivate their sense for aesthetic appreciation. Meanwhile, we are focusing both on orginal production and joint-production with our international partners. Poly Theater has invested in more than 20 productions of both kinds, with over 2,000 performances staged in our theatres across China. Arts education is another pillar of our work. We are committed to providing a way for the broadest public groups to have access to arts. We are developing various educational initiatives featuring different local cultures to inspire our students and nurture audiences in hopes to make arts accessible to everyone outside theatres in their daily life.  


We value the communication and cooperation with international institutions, groups and individual artists. Poly Theater has established connection with 78 arts institutions of 15 countries and regions. In 2016, we initiated a biennial International Theatre Forum, which aims at providing a collaborative platform to form a regular communication and consultation mechanism to facilitate dialogues in the industry. In 2016 and 2018, representatives from the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and China gathered at the forum and delivered fruitful results through thematic discussions.


As culture is what carries forward the civilization of humanity, we will continue our efforts to make theaters not only a palace of art, but also a place people can learn about their life. We will continue to present stylistic cultural of different regions, and  make the theatre a bridge for different civilizations to converse and communicate so that spiritual fruits of humanity can be commonly shared. We will guide people to get engaged into the arts, and by doing so, deepen connection among them. We are also looking forward to join hands with our colleagues of performing arts all over the world to promote development and prosperity of global cultural life.

GUO Wenpeng

Vice General Manager of Poly Culture Group Corporation Limited

Chairman of Poly Theatre Management Company Limited




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