10.17.2020 ——
Breaking New Grounds- Poly Outdoor Shows Seasons Unveiled

Amidst Pandemics, Poly Theatres responded to the appeals of performing arts companies and audience rapidly, to better realize the resumption of performances by launching outdoor shows seasons in various theatres under its network. This move will guarantee to incorporate creativities and anti-pandemic regulations at the same time, creating a more diversified and safer stage for city dwellers. Among these outdoor events, two of them stands out with eye-catching features, i.e., the September 30th performance in Tianjin Grand Theatre and the October 16th/17th performance in Hangzhou Yuhang Grand Theatre.

In the evening on September 30th, the well-renowned Chinese conductor Yang Yang joined hands with China national Opera House Symphony Orchestra dazzled the stage of Tianjin Grand theatre outdoor performing platform, to celebrate China’s national day and Chinese Mid-autumn Festival with an applause-winning concert. It took one month for this performing platform in the middle of the lake to be completely constructed. The stage seats at the backdrop of center music fountain, with 360° view of surrounding scenery. There are no permanent seats in the audience and subject to the needs of performance and of better vision. The outdoor concert season will last for three months packed with over a dozen of concerts brought by top tier performing companies and art masters in China.

Hangzhou Yuhang Grand Theatre moved its concert of “Glory of Kings” to the outdoors with thoroughly upgraded performing format and visualization, creating a stunning fusion of music and natural views, building a classic oriental aesthetic ambience, and delivering an unprecedented combined experiences of vision and hearing. More worthy of mentioning, this concert was also the debut of an 8K visual effect in “Glory of Kings” Concerts. The sleek animation synchronized with rhythm of music, breath-takingly manifesting a top-notch vision presentations.

Poly Theatres will continue to set up new outdoor performance facilities in its theatre network and draw near the audience to glamour of performing arts. By doing so shall we build stronger brand, offer better experience to citizens, popularize local cultures, establish a more influential local spots attract online attention, boost nighttime economy,as well as promote culture and tourism development of the cities. 

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