12.04.2020 ——
2020 Poly Class of Theatre Management Department (Undergraduate Program) of CAD to Visit Poly Theatr

Poly Theatres Company has been placing the utmost emphasis on talents reserve and education. Back in July 2018, Poly Theatres Company entered strategic collaboration with China Central Academy of Drama, officially launching an all-rounded & multi-level of Academy-Enterprise Collaboration on fostering high-end executives for theatres. In 2019, Central Academy of Drama initiated “Undergraduate Program in Arts Management (Theatre Management)”, symbolizing the birth of the first program of its kind in China.


In 2020, the 2020Y Poly Class students in theatre management department in CAD visited Beijing Poly Theatre under Poly Network, to obtain a basic understanding to fundamental function of a theatre. Mr. Guo Wenpeng, the Chairman of Poly Theatres Company and Deputy General Manager of Poly Culture Group gave a lecture on “vision, passion and must-haves of high-end executives in theatre management” to Poly Class students.

“China’s theatre management undergoes shortage of talents”, said Mr. Guo Wenpeng, “and Poly Class of undergraduates, as the China’s first program of its kind, will have a long-reaching impact for sure. The collaboration between Industry, University and Research Institutes will lay the concrete and cornerstone for the academic development of Theatre Management, and escort Poly Class to be internationalized, thereby helping Chinese talents to obtain an international vision and viable first-hand experiences”.


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