07.07.2021 ——
New Members Join Poly Theatres Network


The long tail effect of the pandemic still shroud the whole industry, making 2021 a tough year before dawn. Yet, Beijing Poly Theatres Company steadfastly pushes its efforts in building stronger its theatre network and took 4 new theatres in - Grand Theatre at Ganzhou City Integral Culture Centre, Theatre at Haimen Culture and Arts Centre, Culture Centre Theatre at Fuzhou Higher Education Zone, Beijing Comedy Theatre of Beijing Tianjie Group. Four new members stands respectively at Southern China, Eastern China, Mid-China, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integral Region, to enhance the Company’s presence across China.


The Company’s growth is deeply rooted in the culture development of each city where its theatres reside. It proactively responds to their needs. In Ganzhou, Poly aims at digging deeper its red stories took place amid war to resist Japan’s invasion, promoting its role and culture in those days to be the source of culture production, thereby nurturing a clear culture icon for the whole city it dwells on; Theatre at Fuzhou Higher Education Zone Culture and Art Center lies in the middle of Higher Education Zone in Fuzhou City, mainly serving the colleges’ faculty and students, and building itself into a culture base and exchange window for students across Taiwan Strait. It will conduct more production and enrollments among students, encourage them to produce more original works, build an incubation base to tap the potential of college student talents, and kindle their passion to produce original stories and works; Theatre at Haimen Culture and Arts Centre will best unfurl its advantage in theatre arts education, to promote the needs for better theatrical works, as a mainstay to build Haimen culture prosper; Beijing Comedy Theatre aims at building stronger its “comedy” feature. To deepen the production of quality works, promote international exchanges, and put in place an upbringing system of theatrical talents will be its four pillars in boosting to build Beijing into a “City of Theatre”.


Four Theatres from different perspectives and places exhibit Poly’s clear-cut positioning of its theatres, and a differentiated strategy in promoting the local developments of different regions. They will for sure provide with diversified culture products, and cultivate a culture-friendly soil for cities, exhibiting how Poly Theatres Company dedicating itself in making all cities a better place through the integration of many culture endeavors. 

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