02.26.2022 ——
Poly Original Musical “Star Chasers” Scrip-reading Gathering with Fans

Since the release of the first Trailor of our musical “Star Chasers”, expectations for this musical have been built on among our fans. Anticipations and imaginations have one wild ever since, with many speculations on how and whom the production will go.


This script-reading gathering featured all songs and major chapters in this production, inviting many “Honor of Kings” game players and musical audience, as well as famous dramaturgies, media representatives, playwright, and Chinese director. While international team, including international director Mr. Martino, joined the activity online, discussing and brainstorming the whole production with Chinese friends.


After the symphony concert, Poly furthered the effort with online game “King of Honors” to launch new production of musical “Star Chasers”. This musical capsulates “Oriental Fantasies” in terms of visual and audio effects, uses theatrical language in forms of songs, dances and changing stage effects, to take audience into a fantastic world of the orient under the perspective of game heroes to explore the fantastic game world and realize self-development.


“Star Chasers” caters for diversified appetites to the maximum, as it absorbs nutrition from traditional cultures, classics, as well as trendy internet elements, to have all game players find their portion to identify.

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