09.24.2021 ——
Poly Culture Group Winning “China Top 30 Culture Enterprises” for the 12th Times

On 23rd September, the 13th Session of “China Top 30 Culture Enterprises” Awards announced its winners, and Poly Culture Group once again was laureled with this title, accounting for its 12th times of winning the award.


Since 2008, Guangming Daily News and the Economic Daily Press have together released “China Top 30 Culture Enterprises” for 13th consecutive years. There are overall 80 enterprises selected into this ranking in 13 years all together. To be awarded this title, enterprises must have performed well both in business and in fulfilling corporate responsibilities, among which, the latter having been playing a more important role in recent two years than before. In evaluating business performance, “Assets Preservation and Appreciation” factor was given prioritized weight as expert team examining indicators of “major revenue”, “net asset”, “profit” and so on. All of these culture enterprises represent the first-tiered pacemakers in Culture Industry in China, shouldering the most social responsibilities to boom Chinese Culture Industry and the role to serve the public by offering quality culture products.

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