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Over the years, we have been closely working with some of the world’s most revered institutions and creative talents. We have established strategic partnerships with the Royal Opera House(UK), the Ambassador Theatre Group(UK), the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts(US), the Bushnell Performing Arts Center(US), the State Theatre Nuremberg(Germany) and Shiki Theatre Company(Japan). We are also in collaboration with the culture departments of the French Embassy, Poland Embassy, Germany Embassy, and the Spanish Embassy. Besides, we work with arts organizations from ten more countries along the Belt and Road, with more than 500 performances of 100 projects presented annually. In 2016, we initiated a biennial International Theatre Forum, the first theatre forum formed by an enterprise in China, which aims at providing a collaborative platform to establish a regular communication and consultation mechanism through thematic discussions to facilitate dialogues in the industry. 

Forum for the Theatrical Works
Poly - Magnificent Culture 2020 Forum for the Theatrical Works

On December 3rd, 2019, the first forum of World Class Theatre for Chinese Audiences was launched in Beijing, co-sponsored by Poly, Magnificent Culture, Printemps des Comediens, School of Arts and Media of Beijing Normal University, and the Beijing News.


From December 3rd to the 6th, seven themed events were held at the forum centering on "attitude, depth, and temperature". Top theatre artists from Europe and China conducted in-depth talks and discussions from various angles in comprehensive topics, including theatre creation and production, theatre function, national theatre education, incubation, and international cooperation. They pooled professionals to inject new impetus into China's culture and drama industry and drama market and helped explore promising artists.


Poly hopes to take the forum as an opportunity to introduce more quality international plays into China, enrich the domestic performance market, and showcase the charm of the world's excellent performances. At the same time, it also looks forward to seeing more great dramas being made in China. More performances will be introduced to European drama festivals and theatres through cooperation with the Printemps des Comediens, Spanish troupes and other organizations.


After the opening ceremony, the first dialogue, "Spring of Theatre-Where is the Good Theatre?" discussed the standard of a "good theatre" and how creators build their capacity to produce good drama; On the 4th of December, the dialogue "Theatre and Youth-A Probe into the Direction of Theatre Education for All" was focused on theatre education and promotion, exploring the social significance of theatre and its nourishment for human beings. On the 6th, the "Dialogue on the Influence of Theatre" played a leading role in theatre creation, performance, and education as well as popularization


In addition, the final evaluation of the Poly · Magnificen Culture Youth Theatre Creation Talent Incubation Project was held in Beijing Normal University on the 5th. The project, aiming at "promoting the new development of Chinese theatre and forging new strength of Chinese theatre", solicited theatre talents and scripts from the public by offering nothing more than the topic of the play. In total, 622 scripts from all over the world were received within 25 days. The chosen scripts will be performed and toured in 60 Poly theatres next year. The final results were announced at the forum closing ceremony on the 6th. The Poly · Magnificen Culture 2020 International Theatre Performance Season Project, the plays created by Poly ·Magnificen Culture in 2020 - a series of works representing the top international standards and a number of plays produced by Poly and Magnificen Culture in cooperation with top international theatre directors and the international theatre festivals - were also unveiled for the first time.

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