12.27.2019 ——
Poly International Theatre Forum 2016

In 2016, Poly Theatre Company held the International Theatre Forums in Qingdao. We hope that the forum could promote the exchange of theatres at home and abroad, and enhance the operation and management of China's theatres.

At the forum, Sacha Milroy, the Director of Production and Planning at National Theatre, stressed that the theatre as the culture center of the city must deliver the best works to the stage and the audience. She shared the basic operational framework of the production process at National Theatre, which provides timely and needed support for each project and allows adjustment made in the production process, so as to achieve the final artistic requirements. Other experts and guests  from United States, UK, Korea, Japan also shared their views on both China-foreign co-production of world-class theatrical works with Chinese flavours and how to turn a theatre as the City's culture hub.

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