12.07.2020 ——
Global Debut of poly’s Drama- “Thunderstorm I” & ”Thunderstorm II” by Director Eric Lacascade


On 5-6th December, presented by Poly Theatres, directed by French Director Eric Lacascade,  produced by Mr. Wang Keran, and performed by  Caifei He, Hawick Lau, Coco Shi, and other accomplished actors and actress, Poly versions of Drama Classics “Thunderstorm I” &  ”Thunderstorm II” debuted in Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center. In two days, four performances have attracted over 4,000 viewers to the theatre.

The Year 2020 marks the 110th anniversary of Mr. Cao Yu, the drama master of China, and there is no better way to pay tribute to him by retelling stories in his literature works. Meantime, we invited his daughter, Mrs. Wan Fang, to be the editor-in-chief and the playwright of  ”Thunderstorm II”, pair “Thunderstorm” with a sequel; commissioned globally renowned director Eric Lacascade from France to be the director, to conduct a brand new production in a western way of story-telling in interpreting Chinese story.

This sequel play debuted at Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center, the first time of drama international production in Haikou. The year 2020 also sets the opening year to build Hainan an international free-trade port, and the first year of Poly sets its presence in Hainan Province. In the future, Poly shall take its expertise in Culture Industry to deepen the integration of Culture and Tourism in Hainan, continuing to take Hainan as a hub to outlet culture products to other areas of China Mainland and the Beyond, thereby making Hainan a well-seen profile by the outside world. 

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