Shenzhen Poly Theater
Shenzhen Poly Theater

The Shenzhen Poly Theater is located in the commercial and cultural center of Nanshan District in Shenzhen. Adjacent to Hong Kong, it enjoys a good geographical location.  It has a unique architecture, which is like “a water drop to be blown off by the wind.” Since its operation on December 31, 2007,  the theater has more than 180 performances each year, and rolled out top domestic and international art and cultural performing events, thus making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the cultural market of Shenzhen.

The theater has a 15,000 square-meter architecture. It has a total of 1,551 seats in its auditoriums, 15 dressing rooms, a VIP room and a multi-purpose hall.

No. 14 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
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