02.04.2021 ——
Poly Theatres Company to Hold Training Session on Publication and Intellectual Property Protection


In the afternoon, February the 3rd, Poly Theatres Company conducted a training session on publication and intellectual property protection, Mr. Yao Rui, Company General Manager, Mr. Zhang Ruowei, Company Legal Consultant & certified lawyer of Beijing Zongheng Law Firm, as well as publicity supervisors and staff from HQ departments and all theatres have attended the training.


Mr. Yao Rui stressed all employees to conduct publicity work on five basis - to understand the importance of publicity work to a company, to master the unique features of new media, to establish a complete set of working regulations for publicity, to build a professional team, and to improve the legal sense and savvy in publicity works. According to him, publicity works is the crucial instrument for company in branding strategy, to realize which, a concerted publicity mechanism throughout headquarter and all theatres must be strictly complied with; meanwhile, new media would be the major front where the company profile can best be built, providing a significant boost to the development of major businesses.


The training session specifically elaborated on the intellectual property rights protection and infringements under Internet Era. Laywer Zhang Ruowei covered the fundamental theories of IP, copyrights at Internet Era, other relevant aspects, and legal cases in details. Furthermore, he teased up potential legal risks in daily work of publicity.

The whole training streamed online across the whole theatre network, with 170 employees attending. 

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