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Choice Repertoire

In first half of 2021, Poly Theatres Company had operated in a disruptive way due to repetitive waves of covid-19 and variants, however, it still adhered to its standing as a high quality performances provider, offering audience a number of feasts of popular shows. By doing so has Poly Theatres Company reaffirmed that its international vision, artistic standing and courage are the company central pursuits. Among all the choice shows, the following four captured the most eyes.


In March 15th in a piano class, Lang Lang taught a kid from far suburb of Beijing how to play piano, signifying the global tour of his solo concert “The Goldberg Variations” is to convene soon from Poly’s theatres. This tour features his Album on playing Bach’s  “The Goldberg Variations” presented by  Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft last September. In this tour, Beijing Poly Theatres Company was the major presenter, and 15 theatres under its theatres network will host these performances, like Changsha, Changzhou, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Huizhou, Huhhot, Xiamen, Kunming, Zhuhai, Shenyang, Wuxi, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Wuhan, and Chonqing, as part of this global tour.


In April 21st, Dai Yuqiang, Mo Hualun, Wei Song, the Chinese Three Tenors, gathered in Beijing at the Press Conference of “To Eulogize the Glory of the Time- Chinese Three Tenors Poly Concert Tour”. This conference announced that from May 2nd, Chinese Three Tenors will embark on the 24-cities tour in China at Poly Theatres Network, including Zhuhai, Ningbo, Huhhot, Chongqing, Kunming, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenyang and others.

In April, “A Dream like a Dream” sails its 9th Anniversary Tour in 9 Cities. A Dream like a Dream” is the highlight masterpiece of Mr. Lai Shengchuan, the renowned Chinese playwright. In 2021, “A Dream like a Dream” chose the Wuhan as its first stop and specifically staged an pro-bono performance themed “Dedicated to the Heroic City, A Shared Beautiful Life”, paying tribute and awe to Wuhan through drama, and to kindle confidence and hope for all Chinese People.


In May 3rd, co-produced by Poly Performing Arts Company and Tencent Games Company, “Five Formidable Generals” Concert, special concert of “The Glory of Kings”, has successfully debuted in Chengdu, kicking off its 7-city tour. The concert vividly relives game players the details and spectacular scenes in the game. The five formidable generals, major roles in the game, transformed into five traditional Chinese instruments, to depict the traditional Chinese virtues- “Benevolence, Brotherhood, Dignity, Loyalty, Bravery”, and to awaken nostalgic Chinese music glamour. This concert shall be played by China Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mr. Li Xincao, the well-respect conductor, to exhibit China’s music enchantments, taking all players and music lovers to the “Canyon of Glory”.

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